I’m old enough to do just about everything there’s to do. I keep tabs on what goes on politically knowing that it’s all a crock of shit in the end. Don’t get me wrong, there are some do gooders out there that have real causes and work for the good of the people. It’s just that most of those people are not in politics nor work for the government. I feel that the American people are just so blind and distracted that they do not realize things that happen now will all affect future generations. I am not an activist or a revolutionist. I am just someone who loves to learn and revels in the truth whether good or bad. How are we to do better unless and until we get to the meat of it all? Ya know? My mother says I get “too excited” over things. I just have a real passion inside of me and I’m not sure what to do with it yet. Hopefully this blog will helps me figure that out. I love fashion. I watch way too much TV and I like to help people. OK, I use to like helping people, these days I prefer to be left alone but I’m working on that:) I’m working on being a nicer person. My mother has convinced me that I’m mean so I’m trying. As you may have already figured out I love my Mom and what she says matters greatly to me. Her and I are like total opposites. She’s super nice and trusting and I am not. I’m skeptical of people and think just about everything is suspect. I’m a borderline conspiracy theorist! But I do strive to be more like her in some ways. She is the most caring person I know, to a fault. Its amazing. Alright, enough of the mushy stuff. I’m hard to the core, lol. I’m actually sensitive and caring as well but it doesn’t cloud my judgment. I see through all the bullshit and boy are the shit piles foots deep and miles long. I appreciate beautiful art, delicious wine, and great company. They are not easy to come by. That’s all I can bare to share of myself at this time. Til next time, peace:-*


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  1. Hi, It is great to connect with you! Thanks!

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